Drabble: Secrets of the Master

Title:  Secrets of the Master.

Author:  Cyber Moggy

Disclaimer:  Doctor Who does not belong to me, it belongs to the BBC.

Author’s notes:  This was prompted by a couple of stray remarks on the Mark of the Rani DVD about how much Anthony Ainley loved cricket.


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The weather at Nameless was awful.  It was dark outside.  It was also raining.  The wind had left mere gale-force behind some time ago and was now approaching hurricane-strength.  The occasional crack of thunder made itself felt as well.

A larger than normal gust of wind arose, gathering with it a couple of the smaller trees from behind the 'Round.  But it dumped them a moment later, in the carpark, along with its other cargo - a kangaroo, two emus, and Cyber Moggy.  Cyber Moggy staggered to her feet, and narrowly missed being kicked in the head by the kangaroo.  

"At least it was only windy back home," she groaned.  

She spotted the 'Round.  "And at least I can get something to drink."  She staggered inside.

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Yellow Submarine

It's a glorious sunny morning...

The birds are chirping, the sky's clear, the temperature's warm, and there's a mellow whining sound carrying in the air.

Mellow? No. Wait. Scratch that.

It's more like the distinct and ominous sound of something approaching at high speed.

Something destined to end up somewhere it shouldn't.

Like the front of the 'Round.
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Setting the scene

Okay. This is the basic setting, as established over on adwc. Given the 'Round's particular status, we can go with this, modify it, add/remove things, or drop it altogether and come up with something new, whatever we choose.

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