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Drabble: To observe fair play

Title:  To observe fair play

Series:  The Master’s XI

Author:  Cyber Moggy

Disclaimer:  All the characters belong to the BBC, not to me.

Author’s notes:  This is a sequel to ‘Secrets of the Master’


The Rani looked over to the booth where a shocked Fifth was being comforted by Sixth.  Sixth voiced the comment that had been in everybody’s minds since the whole idea of a cricket match had been put forward.  “Who knew that the Master was so good at cricket?”


How indeed? The Rani thought. 


“How do we know he wasn’t cheating?” Fifth said suspiciously.


Another good question, the Rani thought.


“Tegan got Adric and the Brigadier to check him for any devices, and wouldn’t let him near the equipment until just before the match,” Harry volunteered.


“Right,” said Fifth.  “Series on.”

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