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Setting the scene

Okay. This is the basic setting, as established over on adwc. Given the 'Round's particular status, we can go with this, modify it, add/remove things, or drop it altogether and come up with something new, whatever we choose.

In appearance, This Time Round's a fairly small building, painted dark brown, a bit creaky at times. The main floor has bay windows. There's a car park outside, where various means and methods of transports are left (apart from the sentient TARDISes. But don't bring that up with them. *Really*). Round the back is a small forest. On the other side of the road from the pub is a gentle hill.

The small town of Nameless is about a mile or so from the 'Round, right on the coast. It has a strange and wide variety of shops, a hospital, a police station, a day care centre, a primary school and a secondary school.

The 'Round, Nameless, and surrounding environs are usually held to lie somewhere on the British coast (quite where, however, has never been specified).

Inside, the Round is subject to writer fiat. You can make it look any way you want. But there's usually a bar-room, and a number of back rooms, including a common room, a games room, toilets for all species and genders, a room with a Time Scoop, a library, and the Proprietor's office, along with a wine cellar - and dungeon - in the basement.

Also, there's the scheduling board (where all the stories, novels, audios, etc., are listed along with which characters they involve), the LAN room (run by Mel Bush, the TTR Systems Operator), and the jukebox (which seems to have every song ever released somewhere in its memory, as well as a definite sense of occasion).

The 'Round has at least one upper floor, with a number of sleeping rooms (you _don't_ wanna know what an Ogron sleeping room looks like...), which are often used for the more 18-rated things, sort of thing...

Oh yes. One big thing. This Time Round is _not_ bigger on the inside than on the outside. It just looks that way.

It's currently listed in the CAMRA (CAMpaign for Real Ale) Guide to the Universe, Fodor's Guide to Subreality, and the Michelin Guide to Trans-Continuity Hotels, Pubs and Restaurants.

Ratings hover around two stars.

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