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We're all here because we're not all there

This Time Round
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Welcome to This Time Round, the Pub that exists outside of Doctor Who Continuity.

Ever wonder where characters go between stories? Where they live whilst a writer suffers that all-too-familiar dry spell?

This place is it.

Outside ContinuityTM, anything can happen - and often does. No longer bound by their stories, the incredible and unusual and sometimes even the mundane occurs. Charcters diverge, become new ones, and in some cases, even die.

A few of them have a disturbing habit of repeating that last one. Frequently.

Think of it as like being an actor playing a role. Once an Author writes a new story, the characters go back into the story and play the story out as they've been written, then afterwards they return to their colourful lives at the 'Round.

The catch is that, if the story in question was officially a part of the character's life - and what's official varies from character to character - then any changes they go through in that story are permanent once they go back Outside.

If the story wasn't official - whether optional or fanfic - then any changes are optional, too; the character can choose whether or not to keep them.

It does make sense. Really. Sort of.

This Time Round is usually situated just outside the little town of Nameless, somewhere on the British coast, in its own particular set of Outside Dimensions. We use the plural since the 'Round has multiple - if not near-infinite - timelines.

Inspired by Kielle's Subreality Café, Tyler Dion decided to come up with an equivalent for Doctor Who - and this LJ community is the latest incarnation of it.

There aren't many rules here. The ones that do exist in something other than a mythological tale state that you must be either:

a) An author avatar
b) An existing Doctor Who character
c) Any character that has ever appeared in someone's Doctor Who fanfiction. That includes crossovers, original characters, and the occasional doomsday weapon.

There aren't any limits on how many versions of a character can co-exist, and last we checked, there wasn't any speed limit either. There's nothing preventing outbursts of random violence, but do expect to have it rebound on you in potentially interesting and creative ways.

Kill someone, however, and they'll simply be resurrected. This is outside of ContinuityTM, after all.